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About Hackney
Hackney, based in East London, has transformed from one of the cities poorest areas to one of the most sought after neighbourhoods in London. Popular with hipster and the creative types the area’s social and shopping scene offers plenty for everyone. Incredible independent coffee shops and plenty of pubs to keep smiles on everyone’s faces. If you are out with friends and looking for food, Hackney’s global restaurant scene can fill your belly with local fish and chips, plenty of Asian choices or even delicious Caribbean fare.

If you need a bit of fresh air, take a walk or even a bike ride through beautiful Victorian Park. All in all, Hackney has the energy, choices and quirkiness to offer something to everyone.
(£600 - £4,750)
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(£600 - £2,200)
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3+ bed apartment
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4+ bed house
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Eat & Drink
Every Cloud
11A Morning Ln
Brewer's Bar
77 Shacklewell Ln