About DwellDown
About DwellDown

DwellDown was founded after a horrible rental experience by the founder, who realised there was no transparency in the private rented sector. It was not possible to access the views of the previous tenants’ rental experience and therefore difficult to make an informed decision regarding whether to rent or not.

DwellDown is a neutral platform that allows tenants to rate the standard of accommodation on the basis of overall quality, comfort, communication, amenities and neighbourhood. This collection of data will help future renters make an informed decision on where they choose to live based on their needs.

The average renter spends 30 to 60% of their monthly disposable income on rent yet there is no platform available to access information on the living experience offered versus the rent being charged.

The story of DwellDown

Chris and his family lived in an apartment within walking distance of Dublin City Centre. With the arrival of their daughter, the apartment was too small and soon it was time for a move. They loved the area; they just needed more living space within their budget.

Miraculously, a property opened up around the corner and on paper ticked all their needs: more living space, great neighborhood, same budget. They waited in line with other interested people, toured the house and a week later found out it was theirs.

After just one week, they had realized they made a big mistake, excitement quickly turned to anguish. Damp, mold, broken appliances and no response from the landlord. However, they were able to get in touch with the previous tenants and in conversation, asked "what prompted your move?" Their answer rang true. "We were expecting a child, there’s no way you could raise a baby in that house."

This is how the DwellDown journey started, a platform that aims to bring peer to peer transparency into the Private Rental Market and Reduce Renters’ Risk.