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Why rate your property?
By rating your rental experience you are helping fellow renters understand the value of the living experience versus the rent being paid.
Honesty is the best policy when rating your living experience. When others can trust your reviews, you are building a community who can count on one another.
When ratings are honest and the platform is trusted, transparency is then brought into the market. Thank you for sharing your experiences and helping bring light to the private rental market.
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Are you getting true value?
The average renter spends 30 to 60% of their monthly disposable income on rent yet there is no platform available to access information on the living experience offered versus the rent being charged.
How we do it
DwellDown is a neutral platform that allows tenants to rate the standard of accommodation on the basis of overall quality, comfort, communication, amenities and neighbourhood. See how your accommodation stacks up to similar properties in the area.